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QA of pvc panels daily usage

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for any questions about pvc panels, pvc wall panels or pvc ceiling panels, you can find the satisfying answers. This QA is a database for the pvc panels users which can be consulted when encountered problems.

1. Where can these decorative pvc panels are used?
The panels are designed for covering internal walls or ceilings in any room in the home or
commercial space, but they are specifically conceived for wet environments such as
bathrooms, showers, kitchens or utility rooms.

3. Are the pvc panels waterproof?
Yes, the panels are entirely waterproof, while the joints are designed to be watertight; we recommend small droplets of sealant between the tongue and groove during installation in areas such as power showers.

4. How do the pvc Panels fit together?
The panels fit together with a tongue and groove system, and are fixed on a lip that is
concealed when the next panel is fitted. Fitting can be to an existing surface if it relatively flat and not likely to break away. Fixing can be done with screws, staples, or glue. Please refer to out section Installation.

5. How do I install the pvc panels?
Panels usually fitted vertically from ceiling to floor, although some situations may require that they run horizontally. Please refer to our installation section.

6. Can I fit the pvc panels over existing tiles, drywall, plywood?
Yes, as long as the existing surface is well secured. Paneling may be applied to drywall or directly to wall studs. Please note that the panels are 1/5'to 2/5' thick so please consider how this thickness will affect any bathroom fittings such as taps, valves, handles etc.

7. What are the decorative pvc panels made of?
The panels are made of PVC polymer which is a rigid material with a degree of flexibility. The panels are of a hollow honeycomb construction, and are finished with a printing process to produce the range of colors and styles.

8. What temperature range I can use plastic panels in?
Our decorative panels can withstand temperatures up to 140℉ (60℃).

9. How tough are the pvc panels?
Everyday wear and tear will not affect our panels, however they can be damaged by sharp objects, or the pattern can be removed by rough objects.

10. How do decorative panels compare to tiles for cost?
Although you may be able to find some cheap tiles that cost less per square feet than panels, the overall cost of the panel project is likely to lower. This is mainly due to the reduced cost of installation.

11. What if I choose to change the design of my room in a few years time?
Unlike tiles, the decorative panels are very easy to remove and replace with an alternate
design or color, making redecorating a much easier project.

12. Can I install myself, or do I need to hire a professional?
Our panels are designed to be installed by the DIY'er. You need very little experience - please see our installation guide

13. This seems to be a new product on the market, where is it being used at present?
Although this is a relatively new product in the US, Canada, and some other countries, this has been an industry standard product in mainland Europe for the last twenty years.

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