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Here are some common senses of pvc panels telling you some basic knowledge of pvc panels, pvc walls and ceilings so that you can get a general view of our pvc panels for daily usage and purchase.

Q. Is you’re tile resistant to any stain?

A. Yes, since our tile is a PVC tile it cannot be stained by water, smoke, etc.

Q. Is your tile easy to clean?

A. Yes, there is a Dairy Queen in east Texas that has 2 by 2 ft tiles and they run

them through their commercial dish washer. You can use soap and water, a degreaser,

etc to clean the tile(s).

Q. Do your tile(s) bow, bend or warp like most do in humidity?

A. No, they can handle humidity with no problem.

 Q. Do your tiles promote growth of bacteria, mold or mildew?

A. No, and they are UV resistant.

Q. Are your tiles approved?

A. Yes, they are USDA/CFIA approved.

Q. What about Fire rating?

A. Class A flame spread rating.

Q. What is your tile(s) made of?


Q. What is PVC?

A. PVC is a very strong and very rigid plastic.

Q. What does PVC stand for?

A. PVC is short for poly(vinyl chloride).

Q. Is PVC used for anything else?

A. PVC is used to make pipes (plumping) in new homes, sidings for newer homes, the

inside of airplanes, new cars, etc.

Q. What cost benefit is there to using your tile over others?

A. Depending on the tile you were going to use in some cases ours will be cheaper

but no matter what tile you use ours will be much cheaper in the long run since you

will not have to replace them due to A/C condensation, A/C leaks, Roof Leaks, Mold,

Mildew, Bacteria, Bowing (due to humidity), and are much easier to clean.

Q. How hard are your tiles to install?

A. They are extremely easy to install. They will fit into any standard 2 by 2 or 2

by 4 grid layout. Other than where you might have to cut to fit as you would with

any tile, ours only require a utility knife to score the tile and then break away

unwanted area(s).

Q. Will we need to use some form of clip to hold your tiles in place?

A. For the most part no, less than you would for any acoustical tiles. We installed

the tiles on a porch to see how they would do in weather, such as wind, rain, etc.

And to date with some wind gusts they have not moved at all and look as good as they

did when we installed them.

Q. Are your tiles recommended for outside use?

A. No, but that does not mean you cannot use them outside.  It is just we have not

had enough time to evaluate them on the long term for outside use.


Non-absorbent: no swelling, rotting, or water discoloration, washable
No irritating, harmful fiberglass dust
Hygienic: does not contribute to "sick"-building syndrome
For interior use, but will not yellow from fluorescent light or reflected sunlight
Scratches don't show, makes for extended product life
Enhance room décor ranging from traditional to contemporary, or plain
Passes most interior building codes for ceiling tile
Use in federally inspected food processing plants
Waterproof Ceiling Tiles can be cut with utility knife, use hole saw to drill holes

for sprinkler head or canned lights


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