How the cheapest pvc panel be made

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There is no best price for pvc panel in haining, but only much better price. The pvc panel with low price they offered is like garbage. But many african customers like the price as they can ignore the quality influence in local market. PVC Panel indus

Recent years there are many factories providing very cheap pvc panel, especially in the city of Haining. But how can they provide such low price which we even can not cover the cost with. Here let's take a look at how they make the cheapest pvc panels in haining.


1. There is no cheapest pvc panel, only much cheaper ones.

One of our customers requires 250*7.5mm pvc panel for ceiling with printed surface. And we quote him the best price of USD2.1/sqm. After couple of days, the customer feedbacked with a price - USD1.45/sqm and asking if we can do with the same. We asked him where he finds this price as this price for pvc panel is not with good quality. He said from haining. Without hesitation, we offered him another price USD1.4/sqm with a condition that he have to accept the Haining Quality. This is a long story, anyway, the customer, after several weeks of investigation, finally accept our original offer for pvc panel. And he says to us: "After I went to Haining, I found there is no cheapest price for pvc panel, but only cheaper price. I think USD1.45 is the cheapest, but if I take out this price for barginning, they give me USD1.35. And this story lasts... there is no end. Anyway I no more trust the quality they offered. "


2.The quality is no way same as said.

The Haining guy always use very cheap price to attract customers especially new customers. If you give very detailed price and asking for best price. The haining pvc panel suppliers will give a low price. And if you take this price to ask for another pvc panel suppliers in haining, they will give you a much better price. A customer says, "I'm very astonishing for the price they offered. I'm doing pvc panel for more than ten years. How can this kind of price come out."  Finally, I tried to order one 20GP for trial. But they failed me in quality. The quality is like garbage.



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