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The idea of stretch pvc ceiling is quite simple. the pvc ceilings with stretched film is able to make the ceilings look clean and nice. The stretched pvc ceiling is made of durable PVC film thickness of 0,15 ... 0,2 mm.

pvc ceilings Stretch FILM

 The idea of stretched pvc ceiling is quite simple.  Along the perimeter of the room mounted skeleton, which, as the drum stretched membrane.  The pvc ceiling is made of durable PVC film thickness of 0,15 ...  0,2 mm.  The film released in width from 1,3 to 2,4 m, but if you want a large width, the cloth can easily connect to each other to form a high-frequency welded seams barely noticeable.  We guarantee the reliability of the joints of PVC film in 10 years.  The film surface can be different: lacquer or matte, with imitation suede or marble, mirror, translucent and perforated, any color, the film does not paint, it gets its color during the manufacturing process.  The film fairly elastic at room temperature, can withstand a pressure of 1000 Pa.  When heated above 650S elasticity of the material increases, and it lends itself to be the strain, stretching like a thin rubber.  Subsequent cooling to room temperature restores the elasticity of the original film.  This property of the material and is used for the installation of stretch pvc ceiling.  The unique design of the fastening profile used by our company, you can create complex forms of stretch ceilings, to evade the various beams to bend around the complex radius arches and we have created or existing structural elements.

 Stretch pvc ceilings have many advantages over traditional

 Of course, the first thing that catches your eye, it is their beauty.  Indeed, these ceilings are so flexible and so well arranged with other finishing materials that any, the most daunting idea of a designer is easily voplotimoy: three-dimensional and multi-level pvc ceilings, arches, domes, ceiling painting, all kinds of special effects, any color, texture.  For example: the mirror - in the bathroom, the ceiling effect of the starry sky in the bedroom, the skin in the living room and ceiling with old cards you have in the office.  A white matte stretch pvc ceiling no one will be able to distinguish from the traditional, perfectly and smoothly plastered whitewashed pvc ceiling.
 Very topical stretch ceilings in new buildings.  Because of the draft of the building in 99 cases out of 100 in the ceiling cracks, and no matter what efforts you have made, they appear again and again.  With stretch ceiling you get rid of the cracks once and for all.

 Very simply hiding various construction defects: no one level posited floor slabs, ledges, beams.  Do not want to hide the ads on the ceiling wiring, piping, vents, heat - and sound.  All this can easily be placed in stretch ceiling.  This loss zapotolochnogo space, the application of our system - the most minimal of all existing structures stretch and ceilings.

 Stretch ceilings quickly mounted.  In a standard room, 18 - 20 sq. km.  m ceiling put in half a working day.  Using our unique system of tension of the walls and ceilings do not require pre-cutting fabric.  This makes it possible to adapt the blade during assembly, and also shortens the life of the order.  Cutting the ceiling (rectangular or curved cuts, etc.) is carried out during installation.  No need to make all the furniture, thanks to modern equipment, installation is very clean.  On the ceiling quickly and easily install any lighting, ventilation systems, alarm and protection.
 Stretch ceilings not condense moisture, easy to wash, do not absorb odors.  These features are very valuable in the case of suspended ceilings in wet rooms: bathrooms, pools, laundry complexes, etc.  Whatever the humidity in the room up to 100%, even if the walls will be the wave condensate, the ceiling is dry.  It will not start the fungus, it is not preet, does not rot, does not oxidize.

 REALLY invaluable PROPERTY stretch pvc ceiling --
 As practice shows - this is not such a rare phenomenon.  To us quite often asked to remove the consequences of a leak.  It extinguished the fire in the apartment above and suspended ceiling has saved not only the flat (except for the walls, because the way the water on the walls can not block) the owner, but all those below the floors, it will burst pipe heating or running water, there may be hidden leaking.  Water collected on the ceiling and the ceiling sags.  Stretch ceilings can withstand about 100 liters of water per 1 sq.m.  Qualified specialists of our company removed the water and put a ceiling in place, after which he completely restored.
 Stretch ceilings and PVC films are a combination of sufficiently high strength and plastic characteristics.  However, when changing the temperature, the parameters of these characteristics change.

 The disadvantages of the ceiling is the fact that it can cut or scratch with a sharp object.  But such cases were practically no.  because  it's still a ceiling, not a wall or floor.  Standard stretch pvc ceilings normally go unnoticed, they simply shut the place or conceal the structural elements.  But why not go further and consider the stretch ceilings as another important element of interior design?

 For architects, designers and contractors stretched pvc ceilings have a unique alternative to the standard ceiling systems for repair and construction of residential and office premises.  Stretch ceilings can be inclined or have a curved surface, which makes the stretch ceilings new unique design tool that can visually increase the space or create a new environment of color, reflection and form.  More than 140 colors and shades, including metallic, glossy, matte, velvety, translucent and perforated surface - this is the broadest field for the imagination of designers.  Moreover, we can make perfectly flat surface, and can be voluminous and complex forms.  Given that the colors of PVC film is very wide, with the skillful use of the laws of reflection of light can create unique, fascinating interior.  When you install lighting on the stretch ceilings with a smooth surface, we must skillfully use the features mirroring those ceilings.  White glossy ceiling can take shades of floor space or the color of the walls.  We can estimate the characteristic glossy stretch ceiling visually increase the height of the walls and volume.  It creates the feeling that the room height is doubled, and appears as a "second floor".  This often leads to the admiration of people have seen the first such ceilings.

 Stretch ceilings have unique characteristics and operational capabilities, which allow the use of officers in the repair and construction of office premises and residential premises:
 - Durable, high-quality materials, made of PVC
 - Access more than 100 colors and textures suspended ceilings, including matte, satin, glossy, velvet, metallic, translucent and perforated
 - Stretch ceilings are light weight
 - Stretch ceilings incorrosible
 - Stretch ceilings moisture and airtight
 - Stretch ceilings-flammable and non-toxic
 Stretch ceilings and PVC films are characterized by the following properties:
 - Do not change their properties when the air temperature drops to -5 C to +50 C
 - To withstand the pressure on the film surface up to 100 kg/m2
 - The surface does not crack.  (except for sub-zero temperatures)
 - Surface tension ceiling is easy to wash
 - Made of heavy-duty vinyl, stretched, do not emit toxic substances that are environmentally friendly product
 - Stretch ceilings do not burn, are completely fireproof
 - Weight of vinyl film, forming a surface tension ceiling - 230 g/m2
 - Film thickness - 0,17 mm
 - When the voltage on the gap width on the film can withstand more than 13 MPa/m2, the length of more 17MPa/m2


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