awards for pvc panel industry

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the awards of pvc panel worldwide is mostly spread in United Kingdom, and Middle East where the pvc panel industry develops the fastest. pvc panel adwards is available to high standard enterprises like pvc works which is one of the best example.
British Association for pvc panel:
PVC 2011 is arranged by PVC professionals for the PVC industry and organised by IOM Communications Ltd on behalf of the Polymer Society, a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and the British Plastics Federation. The event is also supported by the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers and the Packaging and Films Association, and pvc panel associations.
The awards of pvc panel of Middle East:
The Middle East is the fastest growing region, pvc panel in the world for plastics resin production. As a consequence, plastics conversion in the region has grown significantly and will grow rapidly in the near future, mostly driven by smaller and medium sized companies. The plastics converters have seen the high potential in plastics as the future material of choice. Creativity in products and technologies are demanding for the regional as well as global markets. They will contribute to our welfare, resource efficiency and environment protection. The Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) wants to stimulate excellence and creativity in plastics conversion of the region and position the Middle East plastics industry as one of the leaders in the world. GPCA is proud to announce the GPCA Plastics Innovation Awards 2011 rewarding excellence in plastics products, especially pvc panel, plastics conversion processes and the environmental consciousness.
Awarding Criteria
  • Excellence and creativity in technology and chemistry of plastics conversion • Local focus on the socio-economic development of the region • Economic impact and growth prospects for the contenders' company • Sustainability and social responsibility for the environment and society


Each prize winner of a category will receive:

  1. The GPCA Plastics Innovation Awards trophy
  2. The GPCA award winning certificate
  3. Advertisement with a short company profile in "GPCA Insight" the GPCA newsletter
  4. Feature on GPCA awards website with company profile and link
  5. Intensive publicity including multiple advertisements in regional newspapers with the awardees company details
  6. One year free membership to GPCA (for corporates)  Winner of category IV, Talents in Plastics will additionally receive a fiscal prize of US $ 5,000   Each category will have one winner  Publication of the shortlisted contenders on GPCA's awards website

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