The service life of high-quality PVC panels not less than 20 years and you do not need to frequently spend money to repair the walls.
 PVC panel are universal - they can nail down horizontally, vertically and at any angle. You can choose any color plastic panels and any texture. For plating surfaces of any complexity there are many additional PVC profiles - angles, moldings, PVC, moldings, etc. With the help of plastic panels can decorate the walls in the most modern styles.
Sheathing the walls with plastic panels fully capable of self-builder, this is a cheaper private construction.
PVC Wall Panels are designed for interior walls and ceiling.  Wall panels made of this material is deservedly enjoyed great popularity among the customers for several reasons:
 - Low cost;
 - Excellent insulation;
 - Resistance to environmental factors (high and low temperature, moisture)
 - High resistance to aggressive media: acids, alkalis, chemical reagents.

 Wall Panels PVC is lightweight, have excellent dielectric properties, excellent bend and stretch, taking the form you need.  These panels are the best solution for finishing of residential, office and industrial premises.

 Wall panels are made of PVC by specially developed methods of rigid PVC extrusion with active additives that improve key properties such as impact resistance, durability, flexibility, and resistance to environmental influences.  In addition to wall panels, PVC really easy to care for just wash them by conventional means do not contain chlorine and abrasives. Wall panels are connected to each other on a "groove-ridge", and so tight that the connection does not pass water.  Waterproof PVC wall panels, , from our collection, represent three-dimensional plate with a longitudinal cellular internal structure.  All these features patterned plastic panels are suitable for finishing toilets and bathrooms, kitchens and corridors.
  • pvc wall panels-wooden

    The wooden pvc panel adopts printing, transfer, hot foil treatment on the surface with wooden patterns suitable for walls and ceilings. different treatment for different styles of wooden grains. ...

  • pvc wall panels-golden stripe

    The striped pvc panels adopts hot filming treatment on the surface with golden or silver stripe suitable for walls and ceilings. The stripe is hot glued in injection of the pvc wall panels....

  • pvc wall panels-hot foil

    The filmed pvc wall panel adopts surface filming treatment on the surface with different patterns suitable for walls and ceilings. the filming for pvc wall panels can be divided into two types: normal filming, and hot foil. you can request accordingl...

  • pvc wall panels-semi tranfered

    This pvc wall panel adopts semi transfered treatment on the surface, and a silver strip is glued in the middle to form a entire beautiful pvc panels for walls and ceilings.For this pvc panels we have various sizes, colors and patterns for your choice....

  • pvc wall panels-marble print

    The marble printed pvc wall panel adopts printing treatment on the surface with marble patterns suitable for walls and ceilings. The marble patterns for pvc panels consists of several styles related to real marbles....

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